Ingredient: dark chocolate chips

Nutella Cups

Pile of Nutella cups topped with sea salt flakes

I put out a poll in my Instagram story (if you’re not following me at @flourdeliz, what are you waiting for?!) to see if y’all preferred peanut butter or Nutella in a head to head competition! It’s a hard choice because I’m such a huge fan of both. But in the end, in no surprise to me, Nutella won. I mean, given the choice, I’d pick it too! Nutella is basically the nut butter with the chocolate already mixed in. Peanut butter, while delicious on its own, is significantly improved when combined with chocolate. This is why peanut butter cups are so popular – that peanut butter chocolate combo is divine. So if we collectively decided that Nutella wins out over peanut butter, why wouldn’t we want Nutella cups?!

Bowl of Nutella Cups topped with sea salt flakes
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Hot Cocoa Month!

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

HAPPY 2018!!! Can you believe it?? 2017 just flew by. And now here we are in January.  The beautiful holiday decorations are coming down, but it’s still bitterly, uncomfortably cold out there. Once New Year’s Day passes and everyone is going back to work after all the holiday fun and excitement, and there are no upcoming holidays to look forward to until Valentine’s day, it’s so much harder to handle the cold. Continue Reading