Dessert Nachos
Servings Prep Time
4-8servings 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
4-8servings 10minutes
  1. Melt the chocolate (or other flavored) chips in a double boiler over medium-low, till smooth and slightly thinned.
  2. Simultaneously, heat the dulce de leche in a pot over low heat till thinned.
  3. Place a layer of chips or pretzels on the serving plate. Using a spoon, drizzle chocolate and caramel over the top of chips.
  4. Sprinkle over the chocolate and caramel with a layer of the toppings of your choice.
  5. Add another layer of chips, drizzled with chocolate and caramel, and topped with another layer of toppings.
  6. My bag of chips made about two layers, but keep on building if you have more chips and toppings! Enjoy!!
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