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Kid-friendly Recipe Roundup

Stack of chocolate chip cookies on a gold wire rack in front of a pile of chocolate chip cookies in front of a white background

We are in a strange and unprecedented time. Schools are shutting down, everyone is working from home, and we are practicing social distancing to help protect our communities and those around us, especially those most vulnerable. This is a hard time for so many people, but one concern I’ve heard a lot about is parents finding ways to entertain their kids at home for 2 weeks. Baking is a fun activity for the family, and a great way to learn math with a delicious result! If you need a kid-friendly recipe, or ten, I’ve got them here! And if you don’t have kids, these are still quick, easy, delicious recipes that can bring a little bit of joy to your household…there’s even a recipe for your dog!

Photo of a dog staring off to the bottom left
Baxter has his eye on the Pupcake that I won’t let him eat yet!
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